Vallarta Supermarkets

Tenant Improvements prototype development, program management & rollouts for Vallarta Supermarkets. Typical store size is 40K-70K SF and includes food service kitchen facilities, dining area and sub-tenant spaces. 

Site Area: Varies
Building Area: Varies
Client: Vallarta Supermarkets


Various locations.  TWLA helped developer roll out integrated and stand-alone Starbucks stores with drive-through sales.

Site Area: Varies

Building Area: Varies
Client: Cal-Asia Property Development


Stein Mart

Various locations.  Program management for Stein Mart tenant Improvements.

Site Area: Varies

Building Area: Varies
Client: Stein Mart


Vallarta Supermarket

Project: San Fernando & Sunburst
Address: 10175 N. San Fernando Rd. Pacoima, CA
Building Area: 18,826 sf
Scope of Work: Shell & Core, Tenant Improvemant for Vallarta Market.
Client: Vallarta Market / Cal-Asia Property Development
Year: 2002

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