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The economic downturn created a supply of vacant and abandoned retail and office space. These gaps in the urban fabric are recognized as socially damaging.  At the same time detrimental effects of urban sprawl and expansion of cities is becoming apparent.  Adaptive reuse is a practical and economically rewarding solution to both problems.  It's time to look at these empty shells as great opportunities for redevelopment.  We believe this is one of the best ways to deliever green architecture.
8844 Sunset, West Hollywood - North 
8844 sunset t w layman architect
Vallarta Supermarkets, Simi Valley
Simi Valley Vallarta t w layman architect
8844 Sunset, West Hollywood - South
8844 Sunset t w layman architect
Oxnard & Wooley, Oxnard
Oxnard & Wooley Vallarta Supermarkets t w layman architect
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